CURBCO SALES INC. has designed and built a concrete extrusion machine called the FORM-BOTIC that provides;


  • CONTRACTORS with a competitive advantage when bidding on curb, gutter and sidewalk tenders, making better margins and increasing productivity.
  • MUNICIPALITIES an affordable solution in their ongoing efforts to maintain and improve sidewalk and curb infrastructure as well as meeting the demands for bike and cart paths.
  • GOLF COURSES AND RESORTS with a small carbon footprint machine that can produce cart paths and curbs with minimal disturbance to fairways and resort property.


The FORM-BOTIC, with a 3 man crew and a unique concrete extrusion process can pour great quality curbs, gutters and sidewalks with a much smaller profile than the large slipform machines on the market. Furthermore, the compact, yet rugged design enables the machine to tackle jobs in close quarters where previously, manual labour was the only option.


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